Sunday, August 22, 2010

Akhenaten's daughters play Barbie

Now that the Barbie exhibition is safely under way, I can show you the picture I did for it.

I'm rather pleased with myself about this one, because for anyone who knows the background of the Amarna period in Egyptian history there's all kinds of subtext about body image and realism versus idealism in the portrayal of the human form... and for anyone who doesn't, there's always True Art is Incomprehensible.

One day, when you've returned from tvtropes, I'll tell you where I've been. Also what happened when I tried to bake an art cake. But you already know those stories, because I'm still writing for posterity.

Hey! If you're out there, leave me a comment, will you?


  1. Hey Leslie, thanks for the comment, go and have another look, I replied on your comment.

    I like your self portrait below, even if you do not believe it is a good likeness of yourself, I always believe artists capture their 'essence' in a self portrait.

    This post... interesting take on Barbie. I actually have to work, but I went and had a look at the TVtropes. Too interesting, I'll have to have another look on the weekend.

    Good to meet you, now I have someone I can post my art questions to.

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  2. <3 this - brilliant - and I'm not saying that just because I have an affinity with ancient Egypt.