Sunday, February 27, 2011

An expedition

So, for the past week I've been at the most wonderful place called Verlorenkloof. It's an annual thing where a few BAASA members from the Pretoria region get together and rent one of the crofts. I'm not really sure why they call them crofts. I think maybe it's because the people who go there tend to be into either hill walking or trout fishing, and that people who go to Scotland to stay in crofts tend to be into the same things...

Anyway, we go there to paint the plants, and there are always gorgeous things to be found. Look at these photos of the beautiful riverine forest:

The last one is the most beautiful little orchid, Stenoglottis fimbriata, that I'm working on right now. You need to rotate it to the right to see how it actually grows, but I liked the composition of the photo this way.


  1. Dense and lush, just add some mist and it's easy to see why people in the British Isles have myths of fairies and goblins.

    Is there a similar tradition in SA?

    Felicity x

  2. We have the tokoloshe, which is a rather unpleasant water spirit very like a goblin. They are supposed to attack sleeping people, and can be thwarted by raising your bed on bricks. A friend of mine in school was convinced that her grandmother had seen and played with them as a child, and that their feet pointed backwards...

  3. Sheesh, take me with next time will ya? :P - Lindi