Wednesday, March 2, 2011

At last - a new picture!

I paid a visit to a little print shop, so now I have scans of some things I've been working on since my scanner/printer went bung. Here's one of them: one of my favourite plants in my garden. It's some sort of an iris-type thing. The plant itself is really big, and the flowers last for only one day, but they are the most perfect purplish-blue, and the markings on them are too wonderful.

Now they last for a day, I said, but that's on the plant. This painting was a race against time, as the moment I picked the flower its petals began to shrivel and curl up. The outer petals went first, so I painted them first. Then I did the inner petals (that look like antique blue-and-white Chinese porcelain) and the inside (a garish zebra-print rug) while the whole thing slowly but inexorably rolled itself into a little indigo blob like a sea anemone when the tide goes out.

That was one fast painting. I breathed a sigh of relief when it was finished, but one day I want to do a proper painting of the plant that shows how the flowers grow from communal buds that are held on the ends of flattened stems that look just like leaves.

Oh, and does anyone know what it is?


  1. My best guess would be Iris sibirica, judging at least by this picture found by my search engine skills, not my knowledge of botany - check out the picture here:

    The only other ones I saw that come vaguely close are Iris graminea and sanguinea, but they're not it.

    (I can't resist finding answers to questions, sometimes, and I am an active commenter on the things I subscribe to... you may have noticed :) sorry!)

  2. Woohoo! I think I've found it: Neomarica caerulea. I started looking on Wikipedia under Iris sibirica, and eventually found it. Also called the Walking Iris.

    (Comments are good, I love comments! They make me look popular! :P Carry on please!!)

  3. Ah Lesley you made me giggle - here's another popular-making comment for you dear friend....

    There are several things about this post that I particularly enjoy:

    1. The image itself - truly special and I think you're very clever

    2. That you described the process - this added another dimension to my appreciation for the bloom as I could visualise it slowly folding in on itself.

    3. The excellent description of each element of the plant - again, this helped me to truly 'see' the plant. I had looked at it but had viewed it in its whole state vs looking at the individual elements and to be honest I'd missed the inner petals & you're right they really do look like antique Chinese porcelain.

    4. That you put out a question for someone to help you identify it and that lead to a response and a solution.

    I really love your work and your site and hope that more people discover the gifts that lay within,

    Felicity xx

    PS: Just a thought, you might like to consider creating an email address specifically for your blog so that people can get in contact with you.
    Also this can be attached to your Blogger profile so that when you comment on other people's blogs they can respond - this is how I have found some of my nicest bloggy friends. xx

  4. I truly have a tear in my eye right now. Thank you so much for your lovely encouragement!