Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fanart, sorta

Somewhat obscure and oblique fanart. I get very oblique when I'm at my most fangirly, to try and protect my dignity.

This is part of my ongoing attempt to learn to draw people properly. I started with the quote underneath. It took me ages to get the lines perfectly misaligned, by feeding the page into an old typewriter at a slightly different angle for each line. I discovered that the typewriter has a setting where it doesn't use the ink ribbon. I'm not sure what it's for - possibly cleaning the keys - but I used it for the last line, where it produced an attractive blind-embossed effect. Of course the scanner didn't approve of that at all, and I spent hours on GIMP with the clone tool, trying to recreate the letters.

After the words were typed I drew in the figure. Originally the plan was to colour it and go mad with ink and so on, but now I like it so much that I'm afraid to touch it again. I figured that if I scanned it in and posted it it would gain some sort of permanence, so if I mess it up completely after this it's not a total waste.


  1. "attempt to draw people properly" - well stop 'attempting', you've gotten it right! This is gorgeous!

    Man, I love the hair. I hate drawing hair, and you nailed it! Woohoo!

    Keep at it, Lesley, and more fantastic portraits like this are sure to make people all over squee in delight...and you may even get a few fangirls of your own (I don't count)!

  2. I L.O.V.E her!
    She is perfection without colour and the text is just right!

    Clever you Lesley - I am VERY impressed .

    Happy day clever lady - this has made my day.

    xx Felicity

  3. Aw, thank you so much for your kind words, you sweet people!

    Lisa, you most definitely count. But you're not so much a fangirl as a patron, like in the Renaissance! Don't know what I'd do without you :)

    Felicity, jumping for joy :D

  4. Oh, and I should have said, the quote is from lyrics by Jimmy Eat World (although you probably found that out by now via the genius of Google)

  5. Absolutely beautiful - I love her expression and her hair, she looks almost like a dryad/water nymph.


  6. Another stunning drawing. You are welcome to draw me something like this with a terribly deep quite anytime :P - Lindi