Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy busy busy

For the last while, when people ask me how I am, I've been replying "Busy". Then I hurriedly add, so as not to seem ungrateful, "Which is good. Lots of work, it's a good thing, when you're trying to make it, you know..." I generally tail off around there, uncomfortable with the entire concept.

On the one hand, I can't stand competitive busyness, the one-upmanship of how close you are to burnout and how very, very hard you work. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if you blithely said, by the water cooler perhaps, "Oh, I'm not particularly busy at the moment. Just taking it easy for a while." The fact is, in a work context especially, it's pretty much mandatory to be "busy" all the time, even when you aren't. And that offends my rebellious little soul.

On the other hand, though, "busy" is a one-word, catchall excuse that's invaluable in explaining yourself to neglected spouses, friends who've forgotten what you look like, clients who've been waiting months for their pictures, blog readers who haven't had a new post in weeks... you know. And when you are genuinely busy, everyone you know falls into one of those categories.

So I'm not entirely ready to give up going on about how busy I am. But the next time I'm being dreadfully, deliciously lazy, I'm planning to make a point of telling everyone about that too.

And this is what I've been busy with: a few of my favourites from that textbook/class notes project I've been working on for months. Over 200 ink drawings, most of them not nearly as detailed as these ones, though!


  1. It's fabulous to delight in your 'busy' work and I can imagine you are feeling very fulfilled too.

    Waving from across the seas,
    xx Felicity

  2. *Waves back across the sea!

    Yes, I'm incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love full-time.

  3. *Flags Lesley down* Are you going to the AENES year end function between all this madness?

    Also, don't burn yourself out! And, being very lazy sounds incredibly fabulous, so if you are allowed to be lazy before I am I will be rather upset :P

  4. I was just thinking about that! If you're going, I'll go. So, are you going?

    P.S. I'll warn you when I'm about to be lazy, so you have time to start first :P

  5. Hehe thanks.

    Yep, I've even clicked "yes" on the Facebook events page. I've yet to attend any of the other lectures, though. Hope I'll see you there!