Friday, December 9, 2011

Out of the attic: 17 cats

I made this design last year to go on a mug as a gift for my aunt. I'd like to have more mugs made some day. Of course that would mean I'd have to find a printing place. And, you know, go in, and talk to them...

In the meantime, I've enlarged a couple of them just for you. There's slinky cat:

Then there's smug cat:

And then my own little Katala.

Note the tail. It was like that when we got her, promise! Actually, the end is there - it just never grew. I suspect it was bitten when she was very small by one of her littermates or, more probably, her mother.


  1. Today its dark and raining the proverbial 'cats & dogs' outside so like your fluffy whit friend at the top, I'm going to try and curl up and have a catnap or two.

    Happy day!

  2. Fun pics, Lesley! Many of them look like they could spell out something too.

  3. A cat alphabet - now there's an idea! :D

  4. Felicity - it's dark and rainy here too, isn't it lovely? I've been putting up the Christmas tree, wearing a jersey, and pretending that it's a northern hemisphere Christmas. (Not that I don't love our summer festivities, but it's fun to have a change!)

  5. Oh so pretty Lesley. You can always make me something with cats on ;) - Lindi