Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chrissiesmeer photos, part two

The one evening we went frogging. Frogging - it's like blogging, but with more frogs.

That was awesome. There's not much I like better than running around in a swamp chasing small animals. Kind of like all the best parts of my childhood.

Also, cows:

And this gorgeous crablet I found climbing through a ditch in search of these:

(We were both in the ditch. I think I was the only one interested in the pineapple flowers, though.)


  1. Thanks for the giggle Lesley - frogging, just like blogging but with more frogs = classic!

  2. Felicity, glad you liked that line - I had fun writing it :D

    Carmine, it'd be most unlike you if you didn't! :)