Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Help, I'm stuck - artistically, that is

Hey, anyone out there? I'm looking for someone to tell me something that will magically make it all better. Emotionally, artistically - I just can't. I feel like a bike with square wheels. Only in terms of my work, though, in the rest of life and my little day jobs I'm just fine, but I've got so much art stuff I need to do and I can't do it. Can't start, can't finish. Scared of the blank page, scared of a half-done picture. Convinced I'm going to screw it all up most royally, and the longer I wait the worse it gets. Feel like a fraud, like a bad artist, bad person. Help, Internet, anyone. Course I'll get through this, but I don't feel like it now. Decided to throw it out there in the hope of getting an encouraging note from somewhere.


  1. dont worry Lesley, all artists go through these blocks :( inspiration will come when least expected :) take on each job one at a time and you will be fine :)

    maybe even give yourself a time frame and split the work into bite sized chunks :)

    being an artist is not easy so dont be too hard on yourself :)

  2. Thanks so much Richard - that's actually extra gracious of you under the circumstances ;P
    I'm so glad you left this comment, because being all pathetic on the internet and not getting any replies would have to be the saddest-looking thing IN THE WORLD. Fortunately for you as well as me :D , I appear to be coming out of the worst of the dip. Working hard again and feel like I'm getting somewhere!

  3. the best way to step out of a writer's block as it may be is to just change something in your life, or even something as simple as doing your art work elsewhere, outside or up a tree.
    also with so many ideas needing to be done, you will start to forget many, so do write out your ideas.
    there are 2 videos I would like you to watch, both changed something for me, creatively.

  4. Thank you Buddhist Punk, I really appreciate the comment! I can totally see myself painting while up a tree, I undertake to try it one of these days. :)