Monday, November 22, 2010

"It will be fun when we at last meet"


  1. Hi Lesley!
    I have listed your blog under "Members' blogs".

    I just want to say how gorgeous this magical mini garden is! It's very well done! Is it surviving?
    (Would look fantastic in a large wide terracotta planter, and you could probably sell them!)


  2. Thanks for commenting! Sadly the biscuit tin has no drainage holes, and so it got flooded in the recent rains. The only plant that is still thriving is the last one you'd expect - that grey, dry-looking little echeveria on the hill!

    A terracotta planter, with this sort of arrangement, but all succulents. Now that would survive nicely - I'm going to think about it.

  3. So sad this garden didn't make it. Looked like a little world within a bucket. I'm sure one of us could write a book about it :P - Lindi