Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prickly pears

Lately I've been working on a number of really tiny pictures. I feel freer to experiment that way, because it silences that little voice in my head that starts freaking out any time I waste good paper on messing about. This isn't good paper, just scraps, so I can use it for any strange idea that comes my way. At the moment I'm experimenting with mixed media - ink and watercolour, pencil and watercolour, ink and whatever else I can get to stick to the paper. Outlines everywhere; I'm trying to find almost a comic-book style of doing things. First this one. It's safe, it's a plant.

I used watercolours, insoluble ink and salt on Schoeller's Hammer paper (which is the smoothest anti-bleed surface out there, but which is sadly being discontinued). The size is pretty much what you see on the screen. The wonderfully vulgar yellowish colour of some of the leaves is Green Gold, the last colour I bought and my latest obsession.

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  1. Quick correction: Schoellershammer paper is actually not being discontinued, but the company that used to import it has shut down its retail branch. I've stocked up, but hope that it will be available again in future.