Thursday, April 7, 2011


What's your favourite road sign?

I bet you don't get asked that question very often. I have a very definite favourite, and on my way to Verlorenkloof, I had the pleasure - nay, the privilege - of spotting it in its natural habitat.

Isn't it beautiful? Such purity of emotion. Such endless possibilities.

Usually, this sign is qualified by a sort of subheading affixed to the pole beneath it: !Falling rocks. !Pedestrians. !Potholes. A sighting of it in its pure form gives me intense joy. Look out! Look out for what? I don't know! But look out! With an exclamation mark!

The best thing about my favourite sign is the images it conjures up in one's head. Images like this:

Or this:

Or this:

I say we have a meme. Is anyone with me?


  1. If anyone wants to make their own, let me know and I'll send you the original photo in a large size, or post it somewhere, or something.

  2. Oh you. Haha. You are brilliant, I am laughing like a madwoman, especially at the one with Domo-kun. My family thinks I'm high, I'm sure.

    If there were a roadsign with an interrobang, that'd be even better!

    My favourite sign is the one for cattle on the road. The little silhouette is so cute! But then, I love cows.

    Also, don't force memes, new*** ;) . But I'd probably shoop in a clown or even...delicious cake!

  3. This is truly hilarious - what the heck?!?

    I'm in for the 'meme', we have some corkers in Australia with our wildlife.

    x Felicity

  4. Hey Lesley!

    Yours looks great! I am on Wordpress - armondonian! Is Blogspot easy to use?

    Chat soon!!

  5. :-D Crying. with. laughter.

    I think it means that you can't see oncoming traffic/a blind spot is coming, at least that's my memory from the US.

    But OMG, maybe we need something truly evil coming over that ridge - like Edward Cullen from 'Twilight'. Oops, did THAT slip out of my mouth?


  6. Hi Giselle, I can see your profile, but can't see a link to you in it. If you e-mail me at darkchylde (at) telkomsa (dot) net, I'll reply with the full-sized photo (blank for your additions!)

  7. Heehee, too good! Riaan had to run in and tell me to come and see this one for myself... - Lindi